Product care

prosuct care

Sambag shoes are constructed by hand with the finest quality materials.

We work hard to refine and perfect the integrity and quality of our shoes and pride ourselves in only using the most exotic and unique finishes, being our point of difference. To ensure longevity, comfort and appearance of your shoes is preserved while wearing, please follow our care guidelines.

It is also important to note that Sambag soles are soled with beautiful leather soles, either natural or dyed. Please be careful when wearing new leather soles in slippery conditions. For best grip when walking and long wearability we recommend Topy is resoled onto leather to prevent wearing down and provide traction and stability when walking on slippery surfaces.

It is advisable to initially "wear in"your leather soles, so as to "score"and "scuff"them, wearing down the newly polished finish of your soles, which tends to be slippery on tiles and wet surfaces.

All detailed care instructions can also be found in your Sambag shoe box along with a dust bag for your shoes.